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Mejia Debate Continues

16 Mar

By Jim Walters

Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports adds his two cents about the Jenrry Mejia debate.

Rosenthal highlights the risk of bringing such a young, in-experienced pitcher into the pressure cooker of New York.

He does give an interesting variety of quotes from Mets players about Mejia and what they see in the young pitcher.

One has to think that even if they don’t call him up at the start of the season, management will call Mejia up during the season as the bullpen falters. With Kelvim Escobar out of the mix, New York will have many questions in the bullpen and with Manuel and Minaya’s job on the line, Mejia may be the last hope for the manager and GM.


Biazarro World

14 Mar


By Jim Walters

Remember when Elaine entered bizarro world in that classic Seinfeld episode. Her new friends were complete opposites from her regular crew of Jerry, George and Kramer.

Imagine if this season for the Mets is bizarro world and everything goes right. Here’s one man’s guess of what that would  look like.

  • Jose Reyes is out for only two weeks instead of 8 and he is playing short at Citi Field on April 5th. He proves to be innocent of the hgh questions, but a certain third baseman of the Bronx can’t say the same.
  • Carlos Beltran is in centerfield by the end of April, but fans will miss the tag team efforts of Angel Pagan and Gary Matthews Jr, who held down the fort. Beltran comes back and does for the Mets what A-Rod did for the Yankees upon his May return last year. He also reveals that his mole gives him his mojo.
  • Johan Santana wins 20 games, the Cy Young and beats Roy Halladay in the three head to head match-ups this season.
  • Daniel Murphy proves Omar right, hitting .305 with 20 home runs and 95 RBIs. He also manages to play a decent first base. Keith Hernandez reminds us that he’s responsible.
  • Benjie Molina pulls a hamstring in week three and Rod Barajas hits 20 home runs and bats .260.
  • David Wright returns to his old form, hitting 30 home runs, 120 RBIs and bats .310. Wright wins the first MVP for New York.
  • Jason Bay hits 35 home runs, bats .280 and drives in 120 runs. His legs prove to be fine as Peter Gammons offers a public apology. Unfortunately its on the MLB network and no one sees it.
  • John Maine and Mike Pelfrey each win 15 games. Oliver Perez, well, not even in bizarro world is he very good.
  • Jenrry Mejia and Francisco Rodriguez become the best 1-2 punch, making most games feel like a 7-inning game.
  • Luis Castillo doesn’t drop any pop-ups.
  • Jerry Manuel doesn’t have to foolishly say he expects any of his players to be back in a week.
  • Omar Minaya gets to lead press conferences again.
  • Citi Field lowers ticket prices so families can go to a game and not miss a mortgage payment.
  • Mets retire Mike Piazza’s number.
  • Mets win the division, go on to get revenge against the Cardinals and beat the Yankees in the World Series.
  • Mets don’t mention Phillies in their championship celebration.
  • And finally, kids throughout the city trade in their Yankees jerseys for “Don’t Mess with the Johan” t-shirts.

A guy could dream….

F-Mart Should Play Center

14 Mar

John Harper of the NY Daily News suggests this morning that Fernando Martinez should be the centerfield substitute for Carlos Beltran until the star center fielder returns.  Martinez is having a great spring, following winning the MVP award of the Caribbean Series this winter.

The worst case for Martinez is if he struggles, they can send him the Buffalo where he will continue to grow as a ball player. He may add some energy to the Mets and become a bright spot in a month that may be difficult if Reyes is out. If Jenrry Mejia makes the club, Mets fans will have two of their top prospects on the club.

While we probably won’t see Josh Thole much this season, unless there are injuries and/or the Mets fall out of contention. Ike Davis will be waiting in the wings if Daniel Murphy fails.

Link: The Jenrry Mejia Debate

9 Mar

Check out Mets Blog for a great piece on the debate regarding plans for Jenrry Mejia. GM Omar Minaya told reporters yesterday that the plan is to start the season in Double A, while Manager Jerry Manuel joked he could be pitching in the majors.

While Mejia is very talented, he needs more minor league experience. He is still wild and needs to work on his control. Picture putting him in Philadelphia in a one-run game against that offense.

If he does have a great summer in the minors, and the Mets have a need in the pen, which is likely, then bring him up in August. It would be as if they acquired him in a mid-season trade.

He could also be used as the Angels used K-Rod in 2002. Rodriguez only pitched in five games during the regular season but in October, he was handed the ball 11 times and pitched to an ERA under 2 as the Angels won their first championship.

There is no need to rush this phenom.