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16 Aug

Simply because my wife is the greatest woman EVER, Mr. Mets made an appearance at my wedding this past July. Check out these photos capturing the Hall of Fame Mascot, who surprised me by appearing after the Wedding Mass.



17 May

Oliver Perez refused to go to the minor leagues, landing his sorry left arm in the bullpen.

After another poor start against the Marlins last weekend, Perez turned down the opportunity to go to the minors to work on his delivery, mechanics, mentality, or whatever else is keeping him from pitching well.

We have seen pitchers who went to the minors to work on their craft, only to return and find success.

Remember Brett Myers of the Phillies. In 2008, after a 3-6 start through May, he agreed to go to the minors. He returned and posted a 7-2 record in the second half leading into September. He also won his first postseason start that year, going seven innings against the Brewers.

The fact that Perez is letting his ego stand in his way from contributing to this team is an absolute joke and slap in the face to his teammates and the fans of the New York Mets.

Perez now sits in the bullpen.

He cannot be used in a close game since he can’t throw strikes. He is a mop, used to absorb innings in a lost game. Not bad for $12 million.

If the Mets cut him, they pay most of his salary. Even if a team picks him up, the Mets are stuck with the bill for this year and next.

There is always the risk that a team in the division or league takes a chance on Perez and he lives up to his potential. He is still a young lefty who throws hard and is under the age of 30.

This is a chance the Mets have to take.

He is everything that is wrong with this team over the past few years. Perez’ refusal to go to the minors is an absolute joke and it is time to show him the door.

His tired act of endless ball 4s and tantrums in the dugout is over.

The day he stopped caring about the team is the day this teams stops giving him the ball.


7 May

I was stuck in a frustrating conversation today with some Yankees fans who did their best to push my buttons. It only added to my disgust of this breed of fans.

So often, people ask me why I dislike the Yankees?

Why can’t I root for the Yankees they ask, often reminding me that they are from New York.

While some Mets fans will disagree with me, I am keeping an eye on the Red Sox series this weekend, hoping Boston knocks the Yanks around. I am keeping my other eye on our series in a few weeks, hoping our boys cause old George to blow a fuse.

I am bringing my fiance to a Subway Series game this summer just so she can understand this reality. Before she says “I do,” she needs to understand why I dislike the Yankees and their fans so much.

I am sure it will only take one of these games to explain everything.

In my conversation that I was stuck in (it was at work), one of the genius fans from Yankees land, forced me  to listen to his endless rant about how the Mets fans are the arrogant and ignorant ones.

Have you ever heard anything so laughable?

Of course he defended his breed, saying that the Yankees fans would never boo one of their “champions.”

He apparently removed from his memory the stadium full of Bronx faithful who booed Mariano Rivera.

When we talked about managers, he was quick to list all Yankees managers as the elite crop of skippers.

He did defend Willie Randolph, saying he lost with the Mets because he didn’t have the players. I guess he sees Randolph as a Yankee. If he’s such a good manager, why did he take a bench job with the Brewers?

While I tried to speak reason with him, he managed to close his ears to all of it. He had a point to make and he made it, once again reminding me why I cannot root for the New York Yankees.

I always recall the Clemens-Piazza incident of 2000 when Clemens hit Piazza in the head with a fastball. Months later, he threw a broken bat at the Mets catcher.

Too many Yankees fans defended Clemens in his actions, ignoring any intent. Again, Yankees fans forgot how furious they were when Clemens, as a member of the Blue Jays, threw at the head of their precious Jeter.

While I can tip my cap to the Yankees and what they did last October, there is a part of me, in solidarity with so many baseball fans across this great land, that roots for their demise.

For me, it’s not about salary or player’s personalities (although there is plenty to say about that).

This is about the Yankees fans and their arrogance and inability to see beyond their stuck up noses.

When this one fan called me and my fellow  Mets fans arrogant, I asked him, what was there for us to be arrogant about.

Are we humbled, sure.

Are we pessimistic at times? Of course, how could we not be.

Arrogant? Not exactly.

It is the Yankee fan (not all, but most), who own this title.

They have earned their rings to walk with such a swagger but it is their ignorance, as experienced today, which makes these     “creatures” the part of society that I just want to crawl back under whatever rock they came from.

Line-Up Taking Shape

19 Apr

Last week, the Mets hit the road and found their pitching. Santana, Pelrey, Perez and Neise all pitched well, while Maine was the typical five-inning pitcher that this town has gotten used to.

However, the offense has looked very similar to the one from last year. Simply put, this offense has too many holes.

New York took the first step to fixing the sinking ship by calling up Ike Davis. This is not like bringing Mike Piazza to Shea in 1998, but all Davis did in spring and in the minors is was hit. He has a nice glove and is better than any other option.

Bay and Wright will hit eventually and Reyes will take form. Francoeur is off to a great start and you are getting from Castillo and Barajas what you expected all along.

This leaves center as the missing piece.

Manuel tried for the first two weeks to get Angel Pagan and Gary Matthews Jr. enough bats to get into a groove. Both struggled and showed no flair for the dramatic in the Mets 4-8 start.

As I write this, Pagan just hit a two-run bomb into the left field stands, so perhaps he can take control of this position.

There is no news on Beltran and when he will return. He still isn’t running which means he is still more than a month away.

If Pagan and Matthews  struggle, when do the Mets call on Fernando Martinez to get another chance in center. He plays good defense and provides speed to the line-up. While he looked overwhelmed last year, can he give you more than what Pagan and Matthews provide.

I like Pagan and see his potential. It is ideal to keep Martinez in the minors to prove he can stay healthy. However, the Mets are already in a hole and their manager is on thin ice. It will be great if Pagan can hit and stay in center. If he can’t, the Mets have to look to Martinez as they look to Davis on an April night in Flushing.

Friday News Wire

19 Mar

What a Friday!

I wake up to the following headlines:

  • St. John’s fires Norm Roberts
  • Carlos Beltran may be back early May
  • Brad Lidge to miss Opener
  • NCAA Day 2
  • Mets on SNY at 1pm

This is some day. Let’s look at the non-Mets related items first.

Norm Goodbye

St. John’s firing Norm Roberts is not a total surprise, although it was impressive to see the Johnnies play hard and well in their loss to Memphis Wednesday night. Roberts is not the recruiter St. John’s needs to compete in the Big East.

Roberts will always be remembered for digging St. John’s out of their biggest and most embarrassing hole in school’s history. Mike Jarvis did everything to hurt this program excluding burning down the gym. From scandals to lost relationships with local coaches, Jarvis set St. John’s back for a decade.

It will be fun to hear the new names that surface for the coaches job. Maybe the first of two rumor mills for coaches that this town will be invested in this year.

March Madness

What a day in College Basketball yesterday. Georgetown, Notre Dame and Marquette were the big three to fall yesterday in bracket busters. The Big East, which receives a great deal of press for their competitive conference, was hit by  the tournament’s craziness. West Virgina kicks today off against Morgan at 12:15pm.

Beltran and Lidge

Carlos Beltran in the NY Daily News announced that he expects to return by mid- May, if not sooner. He also declared how healthy and strong he feels. The question remains: where will the Mets be when Beltran returns? See the post below addressing New York’s first 22 games.

Brad Lidge announced that he will miss at least the first week of the season, if not more, as he recovers from offseason elbow surgery. Lidge does looks healthy this spring, which is bad news for the National League. In a Phillies team that is strong in all other aspects of the game, the bullpen was the only piece of their game where they showed vulnerability last year. If Lidge is dominant, it’s going to be difficult for Philadelphia to lost.

Mets Back on TV

I missed not watching Mets games since Monday. Our reward is Johan Santana against the Twins. New York, coming off of another quality win, can be seen at 1pm on SNY.

We Made It Through

18 Mar

By Jim Walters

Today, college basketballs bounce throughout the country and generations of fans stop in their tracks to watch the country’s greatest sports tournament. As the NCAA road to the Final Four begins this afternoon, it marks the start of a new sports season.

What makes this time of the year different is that it starts after the biggest lull in the sports year. Following the Super Bowl, there is this 4-6 week drop-off that ends with this tournament. When the tournament runs its course, baseball is waiting for us to carry our imaginations into the late Fall.

Last season’s lull was calmed by the World Baseball Classic which teased  fans with games between the world’s best. While it provided early competition, most fans spent their time rooting more for their players to stay healthy than for execution on the field.

This year, we had the Olympics which moved February along at a quicker pace. Watching curling was fine for a short while, and hockey became relevant in this country for two weeks. Yet, there was still a sports gap in this country that melts away today with each last-second shot.

We ride this tournament until the Sunday of Championship weekend. The Yankees and Red Sox open the baseball season that night.

On Monday, April 5th, we are presented with one of those special days in sports. The Mets and Marlins open the 2010 season at Citi Field in the afternoon. Later that night, the championship game is held in Indianapolis.

So, we made it through the snow, the cold and the harshness of the sports lull.

Finally we can say it, let the games begin.

Irish Mets

17 Mar

By Jim Walters

As the world celebrates St. Patrick’s day, I can’t help but remember two  memories of the Mets that connect to the Irish culture.

My first is an obvious one, the green hats on St. Patrick’s day. It’s a shame today’s game will not be on television, and I am not even sure if they are wearing green as they face the Red Sox at 1pm.

I remember being a kid and watching one of the late 80s teams wearing green Mets hats. It was a reminder that the season was close and soon we would be celebrating Opening Day.

My second memory is my first Irish night in August of 1998 at Shea Stadium. I went with a group of friends, and we purchased tickets to the upper deck. We moved down to the loge section and I, for the first and only time, slipped the usher $20 to sit our group together.

The usher sat us in left field, but he had to keep moving us as the crowd filled in. We ended up getting pretty good seats when all was said and done.

I also remember as if it was yesterday the feeling of excitement when the Mets turned a triple play. With the echo that you received sitting in the loge under the mezzanine, it was a great memory. To this day its the only triple play that I saw live.

I looked up this game and the NY Times story brought me right back to those exciting days. The story by Steve Popper really captures the nervousness surrounding Mike Piazza’s future.

As much as I remember from that night, I didn’t remember the fact that the Mets lost and that Lenny Harris failed in the team’s last at bat. I guess the green hat made up for it.