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Jeter or Reyes

8 Mar

By Jim Walters

If you were the General Manager of the New York Mets, and you had the current roster of the Mets as we know it, who would you rather have as your shortstop for the 2010 season, Derek Jeter or a healthy Jose Reyes?

This is not questioning their careers, it isn’t a debate. Jeter is a Hall of Famer and no other Yankee will wear the number two. His post season success and leadership ranks with the best in the history of the game.

Reyes ranks as one of the more dynamic players in the game, when healthy. His ¬†offensive success also sees a direct correlation with the team’s success. However, he has many years ahead of him for the Mets to ever consider retiring his number seven.

This debate is different. This one looks at 2010, and the current Mets offense. Who would you rather have?

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