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Reds want Matthews Jr.

4 Mar

By Jim Walters

Buster Olney of ESPN is reporting that the Reds are interested in Mets’ Gary Matthews Jr. if Angel Pagan wins the job. ┬áThe Mets were in talks with the Reds over the off-season about a possible deal for the Reds to dump salary and for the Mets to acquire a starting pitcher.

Winter rumblings spoke to Aaron Harang and  Bronson Arroyo being in the mix for a potential trade. If the Mets can pick up Arroyo, this team will seriously improve and be prepared to compete in this division.

Arroyo has pitched over 200 innings during the last five years, winning more than 14 games four out of the last five seasons. He also won 15 games twice with weak Reds teams, and proved himself in Boston that he can handle the pressure of the East Coast.

Insert Arroyo in the number two spot behind Johan Santana and New York would put less pressure on their trio of Pelfrey, Maine and Perez. If Perez falters, Jon Neise would be available, giving the Mets more options and reliability.

As for Matthews, he is a long shot to be with this team for the full season anyway. Once Beltran returns, Pagan becomes the fourth outfielder. New York will likely keep Mike Jacobs as a back-up and bench player, resulting in Matthews being the player left out of the mix. Matthews had one great year and if he is playing back-up to Pagan, how good can he be. New York also has Fernando Martinez who could be the short-term solution if an outfielder is hurt or i Beltran doesn’t return.

The truth is, even if Matthews was a stud, Minaya would have to make a deal if Arroyo was in the mix. This innings-eater makes the Mets better and its time Omar does something to improve the starting rotation.

March 5, 2010

Mixed News Out of Reds Camp

John Fayman of the Cincinnati Inquirer is reporting the Reds have zero interest in Matthews with plenty of outfielders in camp.